Why Every Vacation Resort Needs Video Surveillance

Thousands of crimes and accidents happen in hotels each year. Many are preventable, as most are due to a lack of basic security measures. Integrated Video Surveillance is a basic preventative measure that every resort, hotel, motel or ski lodge should seriously consider. Having adequate Video Surveillance will help keep staff as well as guests safe and protect the assets of the organization. 

Closed Circuit TeleVision (CCTV) cameras are used in many hotels to create a safe and secure environment while still respecting privacy. 


Staff & Guest Safety

Security measures, like Video Surveillance, increase trust and confidence with staff and guests. When potential guests are shopping for their next overnight stay, be assured that safety and security will be a top priority. The safer your resort, the more likely you are to increase your booking frequency and room rates. 

Simply installing video cameras in everyone’s clear view creates a security posture that discourages suspicious activity. And recorded footage can also act as evidence for the protection of the establishment. 

  • The Housekeeping and Engineering departments are notorious for being physically demanding and having an increased risk of accidents or injuries. 
  • Storage closets, service corridors and other out-of-sight spots are places with a proclivity for violence or theft. 
  • Resort hotels with amenities such as swimming pools, gyms or even snow sport activities need even more “eyes-in-sky” to maintain a safe environment for staff and guests. 


With video surveillance in place, amenities and other off-limit or after hours areas can easily be monitored more effectively. Should a mishap occur, recorded video footage may provide some relief in the event of a lawsuit, criminal investigation on insurance claim. 

Unfortunately, murder and abduction or other serious crimes can be committed in hotels with inadequote security. Video Monitoring is one basic way to start preventing these kinds of hazards. 


Fraudulent Activity 

Different types of hotels have different security threats. From roadside budget motels to 5-star luxury resorts, each brings a different kind of guest. The professionals with the Intermountain Team can provide detailed guidance on your unique vulnerabilities. Many business organizations hold high-level meetings or banquets and may require a different level of security. 

Having high-quality cameras throughout the premises means being able to continuously record tiny details such as facial features and even currency amounts passing from one hand to another or from hand-to-till. 


Internal & External Theft

There are specific areas in resort hotels that should have camera coverage such as:

  • Front door/desk
  • Safe or safety deposit box
  • Amenity areas 


An adequate Video Surveillance system can provide valuable information during the course of a criminal investigation, civil lawsuit or insurance investigation. Video Management Software (VMS), management can sync cameras up with other security equipment to verify and review specific transactions. This eliminates the need to sift through hours of footage to find fraudulent activity or internal theft. 


Un/Authorized Guests

Intermountain Systems can install a video surveillance system on your property that’ll suppress unauthorized guests from accessing amenities or overloading rooms. Saunas, hot tubs and other amenities are prone to getting attention from unauthorized guests. And unfortunately, unauthorized guests can get injured and to make matters worse, hotel properties could be held liable for these mishaps. Having a Video Surveillance system that’s connected to your access control system can alert staff to these types of security issues. 


Does Your Hotel Have Video Surveillance

Security cameras reduce the risk of crime in your hotel and allow your guest to feel more safe.

Guests would rather book an overnight stay at a safer, more secure hotel. CCTV can monitor and record video from various places around your hotel property and provide top quality images. 

And the closed network provides security without compromising privacy. 

The benefits of having an integrated Video Surveillance system will enhance the overall guest experience and add value to the business. The preventative and documentary aspects will save the organization thousands of dollars and give you an edge over your competitors.

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