Commercial – Fire Extinguishers

Commercial Extinguishers

When you have only minutes to react, commercial fire extinguishers are your first line of defense.

Fire is a powerful force that can devastate a business in mere minutes. Fortunately, there is a tool to combat fire in its earliest stages. Fire Extinguishers are an essential part of any fire emergency preparation. According to the Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association, 94 percent of the time a portable fire extinguisher is used, it puts out the fire—typically within the first two minutes. OSHA also requires them, and in most jurisdictions, in the workplace.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Schedule

Complete a visual inspection of each extinguisher


External maintenance is required for K portable fire extinguishers


Run a hydrostatic test on K and water-based extinguishers


Maintenance internal/external is required on your building’s stored-pressure extinguishers


Hydrostatic testing is required on both stored pressure and cartridge-operated extinguishers


The InterMountain Process


  • Visual inspection
  • Pressure gauge inspection
  • Cylinder, valve, & discharge hose inspection
  • Carry handle & push lever inspection


  • Verifying current hydrostatic & 6-year maintenance dates


  • Installing new tamper seal
  • Installing a certification tag


  • Cleaning cylinder

Looking for Commercial Fire Extinguishers in Aspen, Basalt, Glenwood Springs, Vail, Avon, Edwards, Silverthorne, or Surrounding Areas?

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InterMountain Systems, locally owned and operated in Avon, Colorado, has been a trusted provider of commercial fire extinguisher sales, installation, and maintenance for decades. Our technicians have the experience and expertise necessary to ensure that your fire extinguishers are ready to extinguish fires before they endanger lives or cause extensive property damage.

InterMountain Systems Fire Extinguisher Sales, Maintenance, and Inspections

InterMountain Systems provides annual certification as well as 6-year and 12-year service, and maintenance required by current laws and regulations. We can recommend the appropriate size and type of extinguisher to provide adequate protection where needed.

As a full-service commercial fire and life safety provider, InterMountain Systems is uniquely positioned to meet all of your fire and security needs. To learn more about Commercial Fire Extinguishers, fill out our contact form, and we will be in touch very soon or call InterMountain Systems today for immediate service.