Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade Security, Televisions, and Audio in New Homes

Across the country, many single-family homes hitting the market are selling in low interest-rate fueled bidding wars, and the buyer with the most cash who closes fastest wins. Many regions struggle with low inventory. Where we typically measure time on the market in days or weeks, we now measure in hours. According to a recent National Association of Realtors ‘ report, home prices are up 15.8% on average year-over-year across the country.


In short, buying a home right now is a whirlwind event that can leave the buyer with many details to manage immediately upon move-in, such as the need to upgrade security systems, televisions, and audio systems. 


Older Technology May Be Compromised

The longer a technology has been on the market, the longer criminals have had to find a way to breach it. Whether it’s an alarm system or CCTV, chances are if it’s based on a technology that’s been around for a while then someone somewhere will have discovered how to get past it.


Newer Technologies Offer Added Advantages

In addition to better sound and visual quality on televisions and surveillance systems, newer technologies may offer other additional benefits such as better connectivity with your other systems, better operations through a greater range of temperatures and humidity, and better sound.


Professional Security and Audio Installation Gets Better Results

With professional installation, the result is much cleaner than you can achieve otherwise. A professional will mount televisions and work to conceal wiring from any audio/visual systems. A professional will also have added understanding of acoustics and know the best placement of speakers to achieve the best sound quality.


Intermountain Systems 

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