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Our Projects

Our Projects

Home Theater

This home theater actually began as a garage prior to a very fast track remodel. The new theater features a 1080p projector with 2.35:1 TheaterScope optical scaling.

Phone System

This was the phone system at a business in Vail. I can’t imagine trusting this system to keep me connected with my customers. We upgraded this old Panasonic phone system with a new NEC Digital Phone with voice mail and cordless phones.



Lionshead Parking Structure

This is the start of the Fire Alarm panel replacement at the Lionshead parking structure in Vail.

This job is a work in process and will be completed this fall. We are pre wiring the building with Geneses FLPP 18/4 Fire alarm wire. The main panel will be a Edwards VS-2 commercial fire system. The smoke detectors will be addressable, meaning that each smoke detector in the system reports its individual location with in the building to the Fire Department. Addressable systems speed up the Fire Departments response to the local fire.

Sonos Audio System

We just completed another Sonos sound home system. These systems produce very crisp sound and connect wireless to your i-phone or i-pad. The control of the Sonos system is intuitive and simple to load.

Eagle Point Resort

Local requirements required the facility to bring the units up to current fire code. We replaced an outdated fire alarm system with a new Silent Knight 5820XL alarm panel. The commercial fire system was comprised of one smoke detector for each unit. A total of 132 additional smoke detectors were added. In each room, the sheet rock was cut, removed and saved for the dry wall crew. We added the additional wiring and had it inspected by the Vail Fire Department the next day. The entire complex was upgraded with the walls restored in just 1 week.

Eagle Bend Apartments

The Eagle Bend Apartment complex needed a new fire alarm system. The system requirements called for 21 buildings at one complex be networked together, and another 3 buildings in another complex. We solved the power surge problem using line isolation modules. The first complex consisted of 178 living units that each required an addressable system with notification. The second complex consisted of 48 living units.