Residential – Fire & Life Safety

Residential Fire & Life Safety

Protecting Your Health and Safety

Safeguarding your family from the dangers of smoke and carbon monoxide exposure is a necessary component of any home security system. Research shows that more home fire fatalities occur in homes that do not have working smoke alarms, or none at all.

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Carbon monoxide’s odorless, colorless, and tasteless properties make it difficult to know if you’re being exposed—unless you have the appropriate equipment. Implementing the most advanced technology of home detection paired with alerts will provide you and your loved ones with an additional layer of protection.


Working smoke detectors should be part of every home security system. Without this critical component, you risk potential injury and possible loss of life, as well as severe damage to your home.

Once smoke is detected, this wireless device will set off an alarm notifying anyone inside the home of impending danger. Accompanying central station monitoring will also alert appropriate local first responders of an emergency.

What are the advantages of Intermountain Fire & Life Safety Systems?

  • Monitored systems alert first responders, even if you can’t
  • Receive immediate notifications
  • Early detection and alarm

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