What Kind of Access Control Your Business Needs & Why

Physical access control systems are when hardware, and sometimes software, work together to lock or unlock access based on predetermined guidelines and credential authentication. Newer, digitized and connected systems have made access control more economical and can easily be updated or provide a variety of additional features. 

Unauthorized access can expose occupants and organizations to physical danger, lost revenue, damaged reputation and even legal liabilities. Most workplaces are secured by some type of access control, it could simply be a standard lock-and-key or a more sophisticated swipe-card access point. 

Besides the regular unauthorized access attempts, tailgating and visitor management remain top concerns when considering access control. 



One of the most common security breaches that can affect any facility, from the smallest residential complex to the largest of multi-building compounds. Tailgating is when an unauthorized person follows an authorized person into a secure area, and has been ranked as a top security concern for Fortune 1000 companies. 

Sometimes called piggybacking, it can often result from an innocent random act of kindness such as holding the door open for someone. 

The more traffic that passes through an access point, the more likely tailgating will happen, with only the first person providing credentials. Criminals looking to gain access already know it’ll appear much less suspicious to seamlessly tailgate an authorized user, rather than a forced entry break-in. 

Tailgating can be limited with the right physical security access control measures installed and managed appropriately. 


Unaccounted Visitors

Maintaining a high level of security requires knowing everyone occupying your workplace whether temporary staff, visitors, vendors and others. Proper access control with credential access is essential in ensuring all visitors are accounted for. You should always know if a person is authorized to be there or not and have log entries to verify when a person was onsite. 

Unaccounted visitors can pose a serious risk if you’re unable to verify their whereabouts during the time of an incident. Temporary credentials can include wearable badges, QR code passes generated from a mobile app or even biometrics. 

These factors will also help with the possibles of any future legal liabilities. 


Access Control Features 

Choosing the right physical access control system for your business is a serious decision. You’ll want features that don’t leave your business vulnerable, but will stay relevant in the future so replacement can be put off as long as possible. Working with a reputable, experienced and certified security integrator like Intermountain Systems is an investment that’ll pay for itself over time. 

Access control is only one layer of a complete security system that works in unison with other systems such as video surveillance, intrusion detection and alarm monitoring. Intermountain Systems will take the time to work with you to evaluate your needs from a past-present and future perspective to ensure your access control system will cover your needs for years to come. 

Here are 6 aspects to consider when choosing an access control system that’ll last you years to come: 

  1. Ease of use: managing the user interface, setup & training
  2. Integrations: HR, video surveillance, intrusion detection & other systems
  3. Types of authentication: The most secure require 2 or more
    • Keypad with pin entry
    • Card or fob
    • Mobile app
    • Biometrics; fingerprint, eye scan, voice/face recognition
  4. Reporting capabilities: Entry/Exit logs, Per-User/Group, Per-Door, System-Wide
  5. Scalability: Ability to add users or additional hardware, or connect locations
  6. Updates: Execution is automatic, manual, across connected locations

A solid security plan starts with solid physical access control measures. Knowing who’s within your premises and that they’re authorized to be where they are, is vital to keeping people and property safe. A modern and comprehensive access control system makes the process significantly more efficient, easier and effective. 

Intermountain Systems, a UL-certified alarm monitoring company, has provided luxury Residential & Commercial Security for the Colorado Western Slope community since 1981. Installing and Integrating Complete Systems, from Entertainment to Automation all the way to full Security with Fire and Life safety.

Credentials can be vetted and multiple layers of security put into place using one system – and generally one easy-to-use interface.

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