Sprinkler Systems & Backflow Protection

Commercial Sprinkler Systems & Backflow Protection

If a fire erupts, you have one real tool to prevent devastation. Fire Sprinklers.

If a fire erupts, you can’t count on someone seeing it in time to extinguish it. If they do see it, trying to put it out may put them in danger if the fire has not already become well out of hand. When flames erupt in a commercial space, an InterMountain Systems fire sprinkler system reduces the likelihood of extensive fire damage. In combination with a smoke alarm, the fire sprinklers offer businesses protection from catastrophic flames.

InterMountain Systems is a Full-Service Fire Sprinkler System Provider









Protecting your drinking water from cross-contamination is serious business. Trust it to InterMountain.

InterMountain Systems provides comprehensive Commercial Fire and Life Safety Service and Maintenance services to single and multi-site businesses and organizations throughout the Mountain Region. We offer our clients a reliable and expert single point of service to ensure their properties are always up to code.

For regular and scheduled maintenance or when there is a trouble condition on your fire alarm system, you should look no further than InterMountain Systems. Our highly-trained staff is on call 24 hours per day to handle any situation that may arise. We offer fixed-price service plans where we take care of any needed repairs with no additional cost.

As a full-service commercial fire and life safety provider, InterMountain Systems is uniquely positioned to meet all of your commercial fire and security needs. To learn more about commercial fire sprinkler systems, fill out our contact form and we will be in touch very soon, or call InterMountain Systems today 1-970-827-9120.