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Of the businesses hit by fire, 40% never reopen, and another 25% fail after one year. *FEMA Don’t let it be yours. Protect Your Business with Intermountain Systems.

We’ll Get You The Protection You Need

No business is immune to the possibility of a devastating fire. What would happen if it was yours?

Most people have a difficult time imagining fire’s incredible power for destruction or imagining possible losses, damages, injuries, or worse. Every fire is destructive and can impact your business, even small fires. Many fires, however, are devastating.

With fire, there’s no room for error. Ensure that you are protecting your business, employees, customers, and assets with the most advanced technologies paired with technical expertise. InterMountain Systems’ highly trained, licensed fire alarm and life-safety systems team will design, install, monitor, service, test, and inspect the fire alarm technologies you need to protect your business and your people.

Why Intermountain Services?

Trust for Over 40 Years

Intermountain is the area’s leading Fire and Business Security provider, serving the greater Mountain Region for over 40 years.

Certified and Experienced

Our friendly, Certified Service Technicians are trained and certified by Kidde, Honeywell Vista, Silent Knight, and many other alarm manufacturers.

The Best Technologies

Intermountain uses only proven and trusted fire technologies to meet your unique requirements.

Single-Source Fire and Security

We offer our clients a reliable and expert single point of service to ensure their properties are always protected and up to code.

Full-Service Fire Services

From the design and installation of alarm systems, sprinkler systems, and fire suppression systems to testing, inspections, and UL listed monitoring, Intermountain Systems ensures seamless protection.

24/7 Access to Support and Service

With our 24 hour service and dedicated team, you can be confident that we will be there when you need us. Our mission is to ensure your building is never left unprotected.

A Full-Service Company


Our certified staff can design, install, service, inspect, and test turnkey solutions tailored to your requirements. Service team available 24-hours. 24/7 alarm monitoring.


InterMountain Systems provides comprehensive Commercial Fire and Life Safety Service and Maintenance services to single and multi-site businesses and organizations throughout the Mountain Region.


With our Intermountain Systems is a full-service fire sprinkler system provider, offering design, installation, and maintenance of wet pipe, dry pipe, deluge, and pre-action commercial fire sprinkler systems.


Protecting your drinking water from cross-contamination is serious business. Trust it to InterMountain.


When it comes to water-free commercial fire suppression solutions, you need experts who have a deep understanding of special hazard fire technology. We offer a full-service solution for all non-water-based custom engineered fire suppression solutions.


Intermountain Systems provides sales, inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire extinguishers. Our technicians ensure that your fire extinguishers are ready to extinguish fires before they endanger lives or cause extensive property damage.


Protect your restaurant, employees, and guests from the ravages of fire by reducing the risks and impacts of kitchen fires. With decades of proven performance in fire suppression technologies, InterMountain Systems is ready to serve you with the utmost integrity.

With Fire, There’s No Room for Error.

Your choice of fire protection experts is crucial. Trust the region’s experts to protect what matters. Fill out the form below now to get your questions answered and your facility protected. or call now for Immediate Response (970) 827-9120