Home automation system

By David Bishop on  09/10/2011

Home Automation and Control System with Elan G!
We have completed installing in our office the Elan G! Home automation and Home audio system. The Elan G! system has 3 zones of audio and 3 sources. We are using one I-Pod dock that sits in the rack as one music source. The other two sources are Pandora radio and Sirius radio. We installed 3 different types of controllers to showcase the Elan G! user interfaces: The Elan G1 TS 7” touch screen, the Elan G! TS 2 film interactive touch screen and the HR2 remote.
With all of the user interface, including the Elan G! HR 2 hand held remote, you can control any of the audio zones, thermostats, light. What is unique about the HR2 remote is the home button brings up the weather forecast as well as home automated scenes that can be created.
We will be creating scenes for away. This will arm the security alarm system, turn off the Lutron lights and set back the April Air thermostats. The office automation scene will turn the music on, turn on the lights. We have created in the Elan G! on line utility, pre sets thermostat schedules that will change the heat settings based on day and time. You still have to manually dis- arm the monitored security alarm system, but that is a minor inconvenience for the safety of your home.
We would love to show you the system. The cost is much less than Crestron or AMX and you get the functionality that you need. Call us or stop by to see the Elan G! Home Automation and Home Entertainment system.


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