Alarm Maintenance

By David Bishop on  09/18/2011

Home owners often ask how often should the batteries be changed in their home fire alarm and security system. The answer is not that simple: Some batteries need to be changed as required by code, some batteries are changed by manufacturers recommendation.
The battery in your monitored fire alarm should be changed according to NFPA 72 recommended maintenance schedule of 5 years from the date of manufacturer. In most cases 5 years from date of manufacture that works out to 4 years from date of installation. By the time the battery is shipped to the wholesaler, and shipped to the installer, several months of the batteries 5 year life is lost.
Security alarm devices such as door contacts and water detectors have different types of batteries and need replaced on different schedules. Most recessed door contacts have long life lithium batteries and are good for 15 years. Other surface mount door contacts with the same lithium battery are only good for 3 years. Water bugs and low temp sensors have standard AA or AAA batteries and should be changed every year.
If you have any question on when your security alarm devices need service, feel free to contact us.


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